tHiS iS pHiLs WoRlD!!!

I'm Phil , if u need anything just ask . . . . . . .
I would like to say hello to my beautiful girlfrined ashley, whom i love dearly . I have been wit her for almost three months , our 3 month anniversary will be christmas eve.
And everyday i think im in a dream , hoping it will never end , for with out u , is like a rich man , with no gold .
to the Holy Cross freaks
I well , i go to holy cross cathloic high school in bayside , queens . And since been there , i have meet loads of friends , but not all of them are ko0 . Most of my close friends are both JoeC's , and JoeW(thats a nice piece of ace LOL) . also justin behomo . The first kidd i meet in school shawn hicki , with his 6 earings . Also , thanx everyonme that gives em the homework in da morning . Hey rob , those train rides are hell sometimes , but its all go0d .
The 72 crew
Hey its the 72 crew , or betta know as , the Indian Krew! Hey Ryan (the man the myth the compulsive masterbaiter), hey brian . Special Hello to SCOTTY TO HOTTY.Sup to all the ladies on da hill . . . . . . rosemary , kim , and allen son .
YoYoYo , sup to the UwA , and the Children of the Korn , im makin my entrance next week , promise !!! unless there is no wrestling lol . Phil Dukes representing on the '99 year 2000 . lol .
Favorite Links

Limp Bizkit Official site
u like da Limp B-I-Z-K-I-T , check out da site for that ish!!!


Joe W's website , its phat , check it out!!


Game Revolution
the best place to go for codes and reviews on the newest games for any platforms

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